The AWMUN 2019 was an amazing conference and you did great too. We all proud to see all of your passion to it, your hard work to create the best solution for the problems. Can you remember any soft skills that you got or enhanced from this conference? Let’s do some throwback!


You are the leader of yourself. You proved yourself and us that you can push yourself to speak up your idea and whatever in your mind. And it might give some impact on other delegates too! You might impact other delegates to blossom more as a leader and gain more confidence.  You were not only the one who improved as a delegate in this way, as almost all delegates became noticeable leaders throughout the Meeting Sessions!

Vocabulary and Terminology

MUN is full of new and complex vocabularies and terminologies. You might be struggling at first to remember all the terminologies or to use some of the vocabularies for some certain actions. But, fortunately, there was MUN 101 which helped you to understand and figure out how the Meeting Session will be. There, you were able to learn how the Meeting Session process, how to use the terminologies and adapt it to the debate. Now, you are able to use those terminologies not only in MUN conference but on a different occasion as well.

MUN Friendship is the Best!

You could agree that from this conference you make a lot more friends. And it was not only for three days, but the friendship will last longer than others. Meeting other delegates from the other parts of the world gather in one place, with one mission and passion, you were not only met them but also learned and recognized many new and foreign ideas separated from your own country. An experience that you are not usually able to indulge in, and one that you would be grateful for.

And after all, you brought home a bunch of great experiences, a box of friendship and a never-ending memory to cherish. Now, what is the next step you should do after you went home from this amazing event, should it just be a memory or you could use it as your milestone for your next movement to realize all your resolution, to make true all your wish and desire to make a better world. 

It’s good to see when you went back home to find out that your life has been changed for a good way. the choice is yours, would you start it now, or wait until others who will gonna start it. But remember that time not gonna wait for you and the world must be fixed soon. Remember what our keynote said: Action, Action, Action. We need to take action to solve the problems we face. Without taking action, we can not change the world and it starts with you.