This one is a great story from one of our eminent delegates of Asia World Model United Nations 2019, Kayeletn Ann Maniacup from the Phillippines. A hilarious story about how she met her friend, Febri. This story tells us that MUN not only enhanced your soft skills but also a memory that can make you laugh every time you remember it.

So given that there are almost a thousand delegates in AWMUN, every time I meet someone for the first time, I often shake their hands and tell them, “Hi, I’m (my name) from the Philippines.” You know, for formality or something.

One time there was this Indonesian girl who was wearing a hijab, her name is Febriana and for some reason, I can never recognize her. We met at the registration and we introduced ourselves to each other. Then continued to go in different paths.

She is my roommate

After I get my keycard I went into my room, and there was this short haired girl who was at laying down using her phone.  I went in to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Kaye, from the Philippines.”

And I went in for a handshake. She looked at me and said,

“Kaye, we’ve actually met before. I’m Febri.”

I was kinda embarrassed, coz I remembered her name, but not her face. So, Febri and I got along. She would wake me up every morning so I wouldn’t be running late, and we ate breakfast together.

Her beauty enchanted

On a cultural night,  I was with another girl who was Indonesian and we started socializing with other delegates while looking for her friend, then this girl with wearing the national costume of Indonesia came up to me and said I was beautiful, so I said thank you and I introduced myself. The girl had a surprised expression written all over her face. What she said afterward really shook my world. She said  

“Kaye, we’re roommates… I’m Febri.”

Congratulation to Kaye and Febri, MUN’s Friendship will last forever. We are waiting for your further news about your action for the environment and of course another story from this beautiful friendship!  

If you have your best moment story, don’t hesitate to send it to us! we will publish your story and share it with other delegates!