A complete story about the event came from one of our former delegates. It’s a self-development journey, that made you stronger and more mature. Mature in terms of the way you think and act to nature, to the differences.

Let’s read his story, dive in into memory lane. And remember all the best moment we had and cherish until now. This memory will be a lifetime memory. As part of our journey to be a better human and as part of ours become more reliable.

The day had come and my time in Thailand had begun. For many years now, I had been waiting for a big break like this and finally, it had arrived and that took time for me to register it in actual reality. Not much did I know about the travel times to the conference from my booking hotel, thus I accommodated to squeeze in 10 mins off schedule with the Bangkok traffic at bay.

The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was as is, very captivating and leaving us on the tip of our toes with excitement for the actual meeting. The day next, presented me in a well-tailored and clean formal suit on time to find my delegation seat in the far right row of the room. The meeting, however, began a couple of minutes late due to technical difficulties but soon enough garnered the minds and warmth of the aura.

The meeting session

It was a room filled with an askew mixture of amateur first timers and astute and experienced MUN-ers. It took a while for everybody to settle in and understand the exact proceedings. Sooner than ever, The magic had already taken its substance with the council. From passing chits with allying messages to drafting resolutions and eventually colliding with countries to join for a majority vote and all the different caucuses with venerable discussions with only one purpose in mind, that is to solve the current day issue at hand.

The chair and the co-chair couldn’t have been more friendly for they were what made the magic glow and registered the emotional aspect of the meeting into the minds of the many. Friendship was the nectar of the conference. These friends that became close in just a couple of hours became the ones that were hard to let go off even for just a few hours. The friendship grew as strong as any mountains that stand with pride.

The next day was melodramatic with all of the delegates under one roof being in their happiest states ever witnessing the cultures being very colorful from across the globe, but the time was ticking and sooner in a couple of hours, everyone was to be prepared to bid farewell to their experience of a lifetime.

The event ended with much gratification as it began and left majority wish if it would just have been longer and wonder if time had just rushed through. This experience is by far the very premier spectacles of life and the hangover from which is among the hardest things one needs to bear.

Miss you dear delegates. Looking forward to meeting you all again soon.
Thanks for all the late night city travels and the endless laughter at each gathering. You guys have been the best.

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