If you are a first timer join a MUN. Then you shouldn’t be worry, because there are a thousand people like you in the event. A delegate who join this event for the first time, they are who wanted to learn and tried something new. They are who joined and want to gain knowledge, enhance their soft skills and They are who pushed them self out from their comfort zone.

We have a committee, chairs, and co-chairs who will help you whenever you need them. You will learn about the meeting session before you start it. There is nothing to worry, what you should do is perform your best, do your best.

This inspiring story is from one of our friend Adleen. Her goals, when joined this event, was to gain more knowledge and expanded her networking. And She got it here. She is a first timer and all the committee and friends helped her through it. She can enjoy all the agenda with fun. let’s read her story.

My name is Adleen, and I joined this event to gain knowledge, confidence, to improve my speaking skill and lastly to make new friends and broaden my networking. I was in IOM Council and if I could tell you everything that happened it will be a really long story.

When I entered the meeting room I was nervous but the committee welcomes me with  a full-hearted which made me calm a little bit. The meeting was so intense, I tried my best. I remember those time when we made the draft resolution we ran out of time and we felt tremendous down, but thanks God our Chair and Co-Chair somehow still believed in us and trusted us to finish the draft resolution in 45 minutes! But that moment was the moment made IOM special to me. The fact we didn’t give up after a great fall and how we together brainstormed till the end and that was really an amazing experience.

And during our Cultural Night. where I got to see and learned many different cultures from around the world. Diverse delegates made the cultural night was the most beautiful night. I saw the Philippines, India and many more. And what made the cultural night more special was because it will be our last night seeing each other and said our goodbye.

After all, from all three days start from the opening until the closing was great and has a special place in my heart. Everything was the greatest memories for me. AWMUN definitely won my heart from all aspect and kudos to the committee as well. You did a great job!

We are happy that we could make memories together that day. It was a pleasure to met you all. You all are amazing. We learned a lot from you. Thank you for being part of AWMUN 2019.

Share yours!

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Hari Prasad from India just Registered on AWMUN