This is an inspiring story from one of our delegates. It is proof that you are a leader of yourself. You pushed yourself to talk then it inspires others to do so. Leadership is already in every human, you just need to wake it up and make it works!

It wasn’t hard for me to be familiarized with the rules and procedures of MUN and it’s a great thing. But, since I’m in the back portion of the room, I thought it would be a struggle to be called. I’m very active at raising my placard.

It’s like whenever there is a motion on the floor, I will raise my placard not knowing fully what I’m gonna say. But, luckily with the learnings and background studies I did, I was able to use all my time in speaking (sometimes I even exceed the time).

There’s one time when I spoke about the importance of low-income countries and their part that is needed by the advanced countries. After I spoke, I received so many notes saying they had the same thoughts too and asked me to collaborate with them on DR.

And to tell you those people are the greatest of all.

They are packed with knowledge and strategies that in the end enable us to win the Resolution that we’ve made. As a delegate representing the citizen of that country whom I do not know, it was a great honor and tons of respect to their strength despite their struggles and needs.

I thank everyone that I work with, who shared their wisdom and I hope in some way the Resolution that we made will be heard and put into action. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon.



Thank you so much to the BoD of IMF they are the heroes of our room. Good job Sir and Ma’am! Lucky to have you.

Mhel Christian R. Ang, delegate of Philippines representing Uganda in IMF.

Don’t stop this tremendous spirit. Do you remember what our keynote said? Action! What we should do now is take an action to run what was planned. Because all the plan will always be a plan of there is no action. We are waiting for your further story! Let’s conquer the world and make it a better place!

Hari Prasad from India just Registered on AWMUN