Emergency Instructions

Below are several instructions the delegates are advised to follow during an emergency situation


Should there be an earthquake, the delegates are advised to avoid standing near windows, facades, and other constructions that would likely collapse during the quake. It is highly encouraged to sidestep from mirrors, hanging objects, tall furniture, cabinets with heavy objects or glass. Please remain calm and stay inside if you are inside while and outside if you are outside.


As soon as you feel the shake, it is best to drop to the ground before you lose your balance due to the quake. The shake may be quite extreme that it will halt you from running or crawling. Do keep in mind that most of the times earthquakes happen without any warning and there is always the possibility that the quake may come with bigger shake.


Immediately find shelter under a desk if you are inside a building. If there is no desks around you, protect your face and head using your arms as you are more likely to get hurt by falling or flying objects. If you are outside, find a clear spot or field that is surrounded by buildings, power lines, trees, signs, vehicles, and other hazards.

Hold On

Look for a sturdy object and hold on to it until the quake stops or weakens. When you do not feel any shakes, move slowly and carefully. It is advised to not run. Forceful aftershocks may occur. Please mind your steps and be careful of broken glass or fallen objects.


Earthquake Ready

It should be remembered that robust earthquake may generate a tsunami. Please avoid coming near beaches and riverbanks. If possible, try finding information regarding what has happened.

Tsunami Warning Ready

BMKG (Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical Agency) will release an update if a potential tsunami is detected. It is advised to keep informed of warnings or news from BMKG on national TV, local radio, or public announcement in your area. Every beach is equipped with a warning siren. If you hear a sound of siren, evacuate immediately.

Evacuation Ready

Evacuate to the designated area shortly after the earthquake or tsunami warning. Follow the evacuation routes and signage carefully.If you fail to find any information regarding the safe zones, escape as far as possible and look for higher places.

BMKG Threat Level

  • Major Warning
    Highest threat level. The communities must evacuate!
  • Waring
    Medium threat level, but still dangerous. The communities must evacuate!
  • Advisory
    Low threat level. The communities must move away from beaches and riverbanks!
    For more information regarding emergency situations, please kindly visit BMKG site
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