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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Register/Join AWMUN?

  1. Click “Register Now” button or click this link
  2. Complete all fields on the form with your valid & best answer.
  3. Click “Submit” button.
  4. Check your email inbox/spam/promotions folder. You will receive 2 emails about what to do next.
  5. Wait for up to 3 days for your screening result. We will send right to your same email.
  6. IF you pass the the screening, follow the next steps written in email and complete your payment.
  7. IF you are failed, repeat the registration process with better real answers.
  8. Make sure that you always notice to emails from us, as they may go to you inbox/primary/promotion/spam folder.

Is this a free or paid event?

Answer: It’s fact that AWMUN has been a life-changing event for most of our delegates. To make sure that we can keep this program amazing as usual, you will only pay very very small amount of fee to join this event, compared to great benefits that you can get in AWMUN for your networking, self improvement and also your future.

If you need a free program, we don’t provide that way BUT you can use tips that we have provided for you to get sponsorship from schools/universities/organizations/etc.

Can I get scholarship for AWMUN?

Answer: No. We don’t provide any scholarship for AWMUN registrant/delegates. But, we have several tips/tricks that you can use to find sponsorship from 3rd party like companies/universities/organizations.

What are tips to get sponsorship/funding from 3rd party?

Answer: Ofcourse! You only need to prepare some documents, such as event profile, Letter of Acceptance and Application Letter along with your needed fund. The application letter should consist of your background joining the AWMUN, goals and values, reason why you’re choosing this company and the benefit parties for you and the company. Then you could look for companies/institutions/universities that able to sponsor other events or activities similar to AWMUN and create your list of potential sponsors. Then, research every company/institution or person on your list, contact them and make a good communication with them. Send all of the documents, define the deadline and follow up them.

Do you provide me with the invitation letter and other documents if I pay the first half of the payment?

Answer: Yes, we do. We will provide the invitation letter after you have fulfilled 1st payment and send your scan valid passport.

I just want to confirm if it is true that we will just know about our council after we paid for the said amount?

Answer: Yes, that’s right. You will get your council and country allocation after you fulfil the 1st payment.

The city tour will be held in one day full or not? And what transportations will we use during the city tour?

Answer: The city tour will be held in half day only and we’re going to use private bus.

How to do the payment?

Answer: First, please visit this link Second, choose either Early Bird or Normal Payment. Third, choose payment method (You may fulfil the payment in 2 installments payment). Then fill the payment form and click Place Order. Then click Proceed Order and choose payment method (You may use Credit Card, Internet Banking or ATM).

There are lots of sessions in the AWMUN program. So, if we want to present a paper, what are the criteria for it and also what should be the depth of the paper (means how much content it needs?)

Answer: After you fulfill 1st payment, you will get council and country allocation in 48 hours. Every delegates should make a paper based on their Council. The topic has been set by Chair and Co-Chair. There are some rules of making paper. You will get information regarding paper in Study Guide and Rules of Procedures.

How can I come for the conference if I do not have any sponsor and my parents can’t even sponsor me, can I get a sponsor?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not provide any sponsorship or financial support. We suggest you apply sponsorship to your universities/organizations/institutions. Maybe they will help you in funding.

Is there any hotel near the place that I can book? How about the transportation?

Answer: We will share some recommendation for hotel and transportation in our social media. The organizer won’t responsible for accommodation and transportation for non accommodation delegates.

Can I use Debit card?

Answer: Yes, you can. You may follow this link to see the payment instructions:

Can I change my council and country allocation after I got it?

Answer: Unfortunately, you can’t. It has been set by the organizer.

Could you give recommendations of accommodation or hotel there? And can you provide airport pickup because really, it’s so important for me.

Answer: We will share some hotel recommendation in our social media soon. Regarding airport assistance, that facilities belong to Full Accommodation delegates only.

First come, first served. What does it mean?

Answer: As you know, we have several councils you can choose to be part of. In registration phase, you can choose 3 councils and 3 countries in each council as your preference.  But, those who serve by paying first, get the seat they want first. For example, you choose these options when you register. After the payment, we will see if your chosen options are still available

If your first choice is full then you will be placed to the second. If the second is also full, you will be placed to third and if the seats are full in your chosen councils, the Chair will have to place you to the council wherein the seat is still available So, the faster you book your place by doing the payment, the more opportunity you will get for the councils and the country that you’d love to represent.

Can I get sponsorship letter to state support of my demand for financial support from the corporations and government.

Answer: Unfortunately, not. We only provide the letter of acceptance and proposal event.

What kind of companies/organizations I can reach to get sponsorship?

Answer: Most of every big companies have arranged budget for education needs and other social activities, usually called as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), especially in Indonesia. It should be allocated and usually education/college students are on the list.