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AWMUN Speak Up Your Voice

AWMUN Speak Up Your Voice program is widely open for all AWMUN III delegates, alumni, and public. Through this program, we dare young people to speak and share their ideas about current issues through a video which will be posted on AWMUN’s official social media. We...

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Do young people actually care about politics?

Kishan Deepak Buxani is Secretary General of Asia World Model United Nations III If you enjoy memes, you may have recently seen the one about elections that is currently making the rounds. It displays a bar graph titled ‘Probability of Getting Fooled - April Fools v...

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7th Session – Dasmarinas Model United Nations

Warm greetings in the name of St. La Salle!It is with a humble heart and greatest privilege that I welcome you to the annual Dasmarinas Model United Nations which will be hosting its 7th session this coming May 8, 9, and 10, 2019 to be held at De La Salle University-...

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SRM R MUN 2019

SRM R MUN has always been an epitome of success. It takes utmost pride in being one of the most awaited and eminent MUNs of the whole South Indian circuit. The conference's main motto is to enhance personal growth and trigger self-confidence among the prospective...

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Arcus MUN

True to the spirit of United Nation, Arcus Model United Nations is back, which strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on a range of complex issues including International peace, security, economic & social progress. Focusing on the 16th Goal of...

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“C’MUN was funded in May 2006 as the first MUN in Spain, for university students. The immense success, more than 200 participants from 60 universities around the world, the support of the institutions and, above all, the enthusiasm of the participants, convinced us...

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AWMUN’s Story – Abhilash Kashyap B

A complete story about the event came from one of our former delegates. It’s a self-development journey, that made you stronger and more mature. Mature in terms of the way you think and act to nature, to the differences. Let’s read his story, dive in into memory lane....

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AWMUN’s Story – Raia Regina

MUN is not only for them who want to enhance their speaking skill but for them who want to be the leaders in the world.  You do not only have to speak but lead as well as you have to lead yourself, you have to lead the team that trusts you. Even if you are already a...

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AWMUN’s Story – Adleen

If you are a first timer join a MUN. Then you shouldn't be worry, because there are a thousand people like you in the event. A delegate who join this event for the first time, they are who wanted to learn and tried something new. They are who joined and want to gain...

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AWMUN’s Story – Mhel Christian

This is an inspiring story from one of our delegates. It is proof that you are a leader of yourself. You pushed yourself to talk then it inspires others to do so. Leadership is already in every human, you just need to wake it up and make it works! It wasn't hard for...

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AWMUN’s Story – Kayeletn Ann Maniacup

This one is a great story from one of our eminent delegates of Asia World Model United Nations 2019, Kayeletn Ann Maniacup from the Phillippines. A hilarious story about how she met her friend, Febri. This story tells us that MUN not only enhanced your soft skills but...

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AWMUN’s Story – Ekklesia

This story is from one of our delegates Ekklesia Saneistha Sopaheluwakan. We hope that her inspiring story could inspire others to try something new and speak up their idea and opinion. Joining AWMUN was the right decision she has made at the beginning of 2019. Her...

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After MUN – Take Action!

The AWMUN 2019 was an amazing conference and you did great too. We all proud to see all of your passion to it, your hard work to create the best solution for the problems. Can you remember any soft skills that you got or enhanced from this conference? Let's do some...

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5 Reasons to Join the Model United Nations

Model UN conferences are unique experiences. Everybody should participate in them at least once. Watch my video (above) of the recent MUN conference in Kazakhstan to find out more – and if you are still not fully convinced about the benefits, here are five good...

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Opportunity and the Price Tag of Model UN

Like many, I was attracted to the glamour of Model UN. Of course, I ultimately chose to do Model UN for the academic experience and the intellectual stimulation. But the glamour of it all was certainly appealing. I could travel and attend conferences at world-renowned...

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Hari Prasad from India just Registered on AWMUN