AWMUN One Hope is a social action program initiated by Asia World Model United Nations which aims to help young leaders both AWMUN's alumni and public (non-alumni) in realizing their social projects.

It provides funding (up to 1,000 USD) that will be granted to the most promising young leaders to carry out their social projects which concern with the theme of peace and security. The social project ideas can be in any form such as water cleanliness, food security, human security, children security, education for child victims of war, and so forth. All youths from all over the world are encouraged to propose their social project ideas.

Let us hear your ideas for a better world!

AWMUN One Hope is a social action program to provide the alumni of AWMUN and public

especially young activists (non-alumni) around the world to objectify their social action ideas.


Following up on the ideas of resolution created by AWMUN alumni during the conference and providing a platform for public especially young activists (non-alumni) who concern about security and peace issues.

Giving a concrete impact on society.

Gaining social awareness of peace and security issues.

AWMUN One Hope program will be opened for all AWMUN alumni and public.

The expected output of this program is to produce social project proposals that will be funded by the committee after passing several processes of assessment.

AWMUN One Hope program is looking for ideas as follows:

Open for public

Initiatives that use new technologies and ways of working to provide opportunities for youth within their local communities.

Ideas that assist young people to be able to create their own opportunities in their local environment.

Ideas that can develop a local community for skills, experiences, and opportunities.

Solutions to improve the quality of life and security of young people in irregular work.

Innovations that provide information, advice, and guidance to young people so they can navigate their options in the new economy.

There is no limitation of the person for groups applicant.

The committee will fund 1 selected project to implement the project.

Specific Requirements

  • The project can give an everlasting impact on society.
  • Engaging the local community or non-profit organizations will give added values.
  • The project ideas concern on peace and security issues.
  • Alumni of AWMUN and public especially young activists (max. 25 years old), can be individual or group.
  • The project proposal must consist of the project name, project details (background, objectives, description, location, etc.), problem statement, existing solution, proposed solution or innovation, implementation timeline, measuring success, budget, controlling method, the organizational structure of the team, and any other supporting information.
  • The committee will fund 1 selected project to implement the project.

The Assessment Process has several phases as follows:

  • Register yourself and let others know that you are joining AWMUN One Hope by posting the provided poster on Instagram with hashtag #AWMUNOneforHope #SocialImpact #SocialProject #AWMUN #InternationalGlobalNetwork and tag @asiaworldmun.
  • Submit your best proposal that concerns about peace and security issues to [email protected] with the subject: Name of the Social Project-Nationality (E.g: Clean Water - Ghana).
  • All received proposals will be assessed by the committee. Committee will select 5 best proposals to continue to the next phases.
  • After the 5 best proposals are selected, the next step is a video campaign.
  • Participant must create a short video (max. 5 minutes) which describes their projects. It must be noted that the video quality should be in HD. All videos will be published on AWMUN’s Instagram account. 5 best social projects will be judged based on 50% social media review (likes, views, and comments) and 50% points from judges.
  • The selected social project will be funded for its implementation. During the implementation phase, the project must compile excellent documentation such as Video (HD quality and max.5minutes) and photos. Submit the video and photo to [email protected]