AWMUN Speak Up Your Voice program is widely open for all AWMUN III delegates, alumni, and public. Through this program, we dare young people to speak and share their ideas about current issues through a video which will be posted on AWMUN’s official social media. We will only pick the TOP 15 most inspiring and influential speakers to move on to the next steps. At the end of the program, there will be 2 speakers chosen to get the awards.

It is a shared value program to provide the alumni of AWMUN and other young generation (non-alumni) around the world to share and deliver their opinions and ideas to solve the current world’s issues. We aim to challenge the young generation from all around the world to take part in this program. Participants will promote their brilliant ideas in order to achieve their goals on global issues solving. We do believe that one youth voice is undeniably powerful in this globalized world. With their willingness to change the world, contributing to AWMUN Speak Up Your Voice, will let the world hear their voice.

The Specific Requirements

  • AWMUN III’s delegates, AWMUN alumni, and public participants, especially young generation from all over the world (max. 25 years old), are able to register as an individual.
  • Participants are free to choose the global issue in any kind of field. (The current issue will be an advantage)
  • Speak Up and Deliver your thoughts and ideas to solve the issue in a form of video with 1-minute duration at maximum. Please be creative, so that people will love to watch your speech.
  • A good quality video is also a must (HD resolution)!
  • Upload the video on your Instagram account. Mention and tag Asia World MUN’s Instagram (@asiaworldmun). Write an interesting caption related to the interpretation of the video. Don’t forget to mention your name and your country in the caption. Make sure your account is not set to private and you put these hashtags below: #worldsagenda2030 #AsiaWorldMUN #asiaworldmunIII #awmunIII #AWMUNSpeakUp #youthleader #younggeneration #socialawareness #SpeakUpYourVoice

The flow assessment details:

The assessment of TOP 15 will be processed by the committee as the following portion:

    • The committee and judges assessment:
      1. Content (10%)
      2. Message (20%)
      3. Visual (10%)
      4. Creativity (10%)
    • Social media assessment:
      1. Likes (20%)
      2. Comments (20%)
      3. Views (10%)

The TOP 2 Finalists will be invited to AWMUN III and will face the last challenge on the awarding night. The first winner will get USD 300 and the runner up will get USD 150. Speak up your voice and share your thoughts now as you only live once!

Warm regards,

Asia World MUN III Committee

Hari Prasad from India just Registered on AWMUN