This story is from one of our delegates Ekklesia Saneistha Sopaheluwakan. We hope that her inspiring story could inspire others to try something new and speak up their idea and opinion.

Joining AWMUN was the right decision she has made at the beginning of 2019. Her will to expand her skills and stepping out from her comfort zone to speak up her opinions for the world was achieved. She has as well met new people from different country, culture, and background to give their best to work hand-in-hand solving climate change issues.

Closing ceremony and Cultural Night will always be her favorite sessions. It’s exciting for her to see how each country performed their cultural dance and that night was filled with great energy!

“Joining Asia World MUN is a lifetime experience for me. This is my first time joining MUN, and AWMUN is clearly beyond my expectation. In this MUN, I got the chances to meet A LOT of cool people from around the world, and more deeply understand climate change issue as the urgency for our world. I don’t regret any moment that I have in AWMUN 2019!”

Thank you for being part of Asia World Model United Nations. Congratulation you just stepped out from your comfort zone and spread your wings. Your courage inspired others, now your time to do something. Bring everything good from AWMUN for your life and for a better world.

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