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About Us

Asia World Model United Nations (AWMUN) is an international Model United Nations (MUN) conference organized by International Global Network (IGN), an organization engaged in youth development programs.

MUN itself is a popular worldwide conference that stimulates the agenda of the United Nations and is committed to the political education of youth.

AWMUN is a great and insightful medium to understand the complexity of global problems. Beside that, AWMUN provides participants with an opportunity to develop a range of hard and soft skills that will serve them well in their future professional lives.

“A thousand old men are just able to dream, a young person can change the world.”

Ir. Soekarno

“A thousand old men are just able to dream, a young person can change the world.”

Ir. Soekarno

AWMUN believes youth have the creativity, the potential and the capacity to make change happen – for themselves, for their communities, and for the rest of the world. For that, AWMUN wants to give chances to youths all over the world, and make them understand that their voices truly matter.

The Historical Conferences

AWMUN carries different themes on each conference. AWMUN facilitates young leaders (age 16-25 years old) from different places to broaden their networks and to provide a platform where they can share their perspectives about world’s issues.

AWMUN I was held in Seoul, South Korea on August 11th-15th, 2018. With the theme of “Defying Commonality: Unfolding Extraordinary Potentials,” first AWMUN was attended by 264 Delegates from 30 countries. The Secretariat held six committee sessions for ten councils consisting of IMF, UNCSW, UNODC, UNEP, Press Corps, EAS, UNHRC, SPECPOL, UNSC, and Legal Committee.

AWMUN II took place in Bangkok, Thailand on January 30th - February 2nd, 2019. Raising the theme of “The World’s Dilemma: Enhancing World Action on Climate Change”, AWMUN II was attended by 1,326 Delegates from 56 countries. AWMUN II held five committee sessions for eight councils consisting of UNESCO, IMF, WHO, IOM, UNHCR, WTO and ILO.

AWMUN III was held in Bali, Indonesia on November 13rd – 16th, 2019. Carrying the theme of “The Implementations of World’s Agenda 2030”, AWMUN III was attended by 1,280 Delegates from 74 countries. AWMUN III held a five committee session for 21 councils. In collaboration with UNIC Indonesia, we held a Beach Clean-Up at Mertasari Beach.

AWMUN IV was held in Bali, Indonesia on 25th - 28th February 2022. Carrying the theme of “Tackling The Challenges of Changing Global Order System” as there are a lot of challenges in the new global order system during the post-COVID19 era while faithfully implementing COVID19 Safety and Health Protocol.

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